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Radio Breaks RU listen online for free

Radio Breaks RU
Dance composition of broken bits of the Russian and foreign musicians, DJ, listen vibrant dance music live original radio unconventional...
  • Station name: Radio Breaks RU
  • Category / Country: Russia
  • Broadcast Language: Only music
  • 16+
    Radio Breaks RU

    Listen Radio Breaks RU

    Breaks Radio - Russian online radio station is broadcast from the city of Kaliningrad. Play Breaks - be it in the center of the sound of dance music with broken rhythms: Breakbeat, Breaks, Broken Beat.

    Radio Breaks nominee for the title of 'Best Online Radio Russia "in 2016. Tracks and composition of broken rhythms of Russian and foreign DJs.

    Best emotions of tunes online radio cause a surge of the hormone of happiness and cheerfulness. Listen to the best hits styles Breakbeats.
    The pleasant voice of our DJs raskazhut of events expected by showbiz OPEN AIR and other recreational activities. Unique show programs from world famous DJ stars. BREAKSMAFIA, TERRY HOOLIGAN, Skrillex, LADY WAKS & DJ PILL ONE. My Breaks Battle - competitions and championships Tournament Battle (music competition) between DJs.
    Russian DJ: Anri Patishe, Ivan Kharlov, Flip5ide, Maxwell Beat, Alexey Partizan, DJ Xmel, Gira, Maxim Klyuev, DMC SMOLIK.

    The powerful sound and incredible bits unites lovers of dance music genre but a broken wave dance Breaks station.

    Radio Contact:
    Tel. +7 (902) 199-07-79
    Ivan Harlov

    Update Date: 09.03.2020 Breaks radio — RU
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