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Europe Plus Russia
"Europe Plus Russia" - one of the largest radio network, covering more than 2,000 cities in Russia. Radio station consists of programs and most freshest musical hits from all over the world...
  • Station name: Europe Plus
  • Category / Country: Russia
  • Broadcast Language: Russian
  • 12+
    Europe Plus

    Listen Europe Plus

    Europe+ Russia radio station
    "Europe Plus" - Russia's first private commercial radio station.
    Europa Plus - radio number 1 in Russia and 6 post-Soviet countries. On the territory of Russia radio station to listen to Europa Plus can immediately 226 cities, making this radio one of the largest on the continent of Eurasia.
    First radio station Europa Plus aired FM- band over 20 years ago - back in 1990. Remember and know that listening to the radio Europa Plus Moscow can at frequency 106.2 FM.
    Popularity wave in Russia and other CIS countries due to really high quality and correctly filling ether and prioritized.

    Radio Europe Plus Russia

    Radio Europa Plus today adheres to the format of popular youth music based on the latest hits from around the world. Live your music editors constitute the basis of the results of the most popular world charts, and vote their listeners in the program TOP 40.
    This policy works really well, and it confirms the growth statistics rankings from day to day and from year to year.
    Also broadcast Europa Plus can listen to FM and interesting author transmission. In particular, it is worth noting the aforementioned Evrohit Top 40, as well as programs «StarNews», «Do Brigade», «Play Box», «Coffee in bed» , «RadioActivShoW» and «Bill».
    People wishing for a good mood all the popular radio listeners undoubtedly deserve to be mentioned, too. It is about constant leading radio station. They show their, programs and, of course, a positive charge every day : Anton hornless Ilya, Jam and DJ Timur Bodrov, Seva Polishchuk, Alexei Manuilov, Dj Oleg Sukhov, Sasha Gordeev and many others.

    Who is your favorite songs and listen to music on the radio Europe Plus many fans and now just for you and one of the largest online radio resources - the popular portal radio wave is available for streaming online!

    Listen to the radio Europe Plus Russia

    The average age of the radio audience - 20-35. "Europe Plus" broadcasts in Russia, Latvia, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan.
    Europa Plus - one of the largest radio networks covering more than 2,000 cities in Russia and listen to music online for free and also interesting.
    Europe Plus Russia - a partner in the country concerts of world stars : Madonna, Kylie Minogue, U2, Mylene Farmer, Tina Turner, Beyonce, Sting, Mariah Carey, Enrique Iglesias, Rihanna, Nelly Furtado and many other artists, and popular dance songs, disco tracks and songs.

    Weekly chart of Europe Plus - Evrohit TOP -40 goes on Saturdays in the national airwaves. Listen to the radio online with us always convenient, fun and free. We wish you only the favorite hits on Europa Plus ( Russia ) online - always free and most importantly quality sounding music.

    Of course, along with a bright and positive Europa Plus is available to each user, who just has access to the Internet ! Listen to Radio Europa Plus online every day with us.
    Update Date: 10.02.2020 Radio Europa Plus Moskva, Saint Petersburg — RU
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    1. disqus_hCuJ5VlNE91 March 2016 08:37
      капец а не радио, видимо ведущим очень весело... они думают что это смешно, и правильная дикция ни к чему?
    2. disqus_hCuJ5VlNE91 March 2016 08:38
      как то начало бесить, в офисе этот бред слушать невозможно
    3. Diana l20 March 2016 12:50
      Радио #1 в России. Передаю Привет своей любимой радиостанци, вы самые лучшие, слушаю вас каждый день.
    4. disqus_mEQ81pl11f31 March 2016 15:40
      Я слушаю только европпу плюс потому что зарубежные песенки мне больше нравятся) радио europaplus
    5. disqus_h8gKyalpkZ18 August 2016 07:10
      я когда слушию музыку то только эту радиостанцию
    6. Настя Шумакова22 October 2016 09:15
      Передаю Привет,из Карталов желаю всем удачного дня!))
    7. Vitalia29 July 2017 00:49
      Всем привет! Обожаю ваше радио! Слушаю каждый день. :)
    8. Guest20 December 2017 11:50
      пиридаю привет Олеси З.о.Сахалин с.Мгачи
    9. Zorina2722 June 2020 01:46
      Достаточно часто слушаю радио, и EvropaPlus- самое классное с зарубежным плей-листом. Очень нравится, что вначале или в конце трека говорят его название (так как я любитель иностранных хитов, их становится проще найти в соц.сетях).
      Спасибо EvropaPlus за хорошее утреннее настроение🙂👍
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