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Radio Vanya
Russian pop songs and songs from famous and not very representatives of the muses, chanson, and of course - "what we want, we play" is such a slogan of the station.

Radio VANYA update

We listen to the chansonchik on the wave in new good quality, the broadcast shows the artist and the songs that sound on the air.
Added new broadcasts 90s, Fun Dance, Old school....
  • Station name: Radio Vanya
  • Category / Country: Russia
  • Broadcast Language: Russian
  • 16+

    Listen Radio Vanya

    Listen Radio Vanya
    Radio Vanya first appeared before the court of public radio amateurs in 2007 in a small town Simagino.
    Listen to the radio you can Vanya and to this day on the frequency 100.1 MHz, which, by the way, a wave of "recaptured" at no less popular station.

     Eventually Vanya spread their network over a large area of Russia. Today can listen to the radio Vanya in 77 Russian cities.
    About the music format to say something precise can neither we nor the members themselves radios, because they playlists to their very special approach. Hard to describe it, but the radio station slogan quote: "what we want, and then play." That's the way they have in Simagino all simply and succinctly.
    Most sound here composition representatives pop scene, chanson and similar orientation, which adore, unfortunately, most of our compatriots. A lot of space in the music live RadioVanya occupy little-known song compositions for someone that loves this wave, and some vice versa.

    Only on what is necessary to stop your attention to is the fact that often in the direction of the radio sound is not very Vanya forest reviews, they say, the songs here are vulgar.

     Listen to radio online Vanya also a time could all admirers of this wave, but the official site station for several years but is filled and does not work.

    But do not worry, because we have - online radio portal Here you can enjoy the ether radio online at any time of the day is free and without registration.
    Update Date: 22.05.2020 Radio VANYA — RU
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    1. disqus_yuOmDpbht120 August 2017 08:36
      Прикольное радио,позволяет отвлечься от своих мыслей под ненавязчивую музыку,дома-стабильный фон!Спасибо и развивайтесь дальше в таком же стилистическом ключе!
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