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The legendary band Queen

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    The legendary band Queen
    Queen is one of the most famous and successful bands in rock history. The group was created in 1970. And popularity, the peak of fame falls in the mid-1970s. The star of the group was a tall individualist, a person with great charisma - Freddie Mercury (the Queen group leader died of AIDS in 1991)
    "I do not want to become any star there, I will become a legend."
    It's July 13, 1985, and it's not an easy time for slightly aged rock stars. Many of those who grew up in the 1960s and 1970s still live in their past successes and count on the opinions of fans. The phenomenon of a retired rockman does not yet exist.
    The legendary band Queen News

    This group consisting of multimillionaires. After all, his musicians were listed in the Guinness Book of Records in 1982 in the list of the most successful in the UK. This is a success, because getting an amazing series of hits and brilliantly selling albums. They performed music consisting of an explosive mixture of rock and pop, funk, heavy metal and even the gospel. And although he enjoys a reputation as a great live band, even the most dedicated fans cannot predict what will happen today.

    Live Aid organizer Bob Geldof about the band's performers. “When they jump onto the stage, in life you don’t think that they play in a rock band.”

    John Deacon (according to Geldof: “restrained bass player”) takes a position behind the stage, near the platform where the drums stand. Although he has a curl on his head, it is more like electronics, which he probably would have stayed if his musical career had not burned out. A few hours earlier, when the whole group was invited to the Live Aid to meet with the royal family, the prince and princess of Wales, thousands of fans who watched the television event wondered why a guy who looked like a tech team took John Deacon, “I was too shy to go there and meet Princess Diana. I was afraid that I would do something stupid, "he said later, admitting that he sent Spider, his technical, instead.

    Brian May, a man with a mantis and tangle of dark curls on his head (the “hippie guitarist” as Geldof describes him), has almost changed since the group’s existence. This preserves the postures typical of the gods of the guitar. For this, a graduate of the Faculty of Sciences and a former teacher of guitar playing is a serious matter.

    You may wonder if Roger Taylor is upset that he hid his entire working life behind a drum kit. With his fair hair and a small figure (once he even put on a beard so that people could stop him like a girl) and love for sports cars and models, Taylor is the best candidate for the role of pop star in this group. The last bass drum in the drum kit.

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