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70th Berlin International Film Festival February 20, 2020

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    70th Berlin International Film Festival February 20, 2020
    18 films will fight for the Golden Bear during the 70th Berlin International Film Festival. Polish film works will include Aglieszka Holland's Charlatan in a special section and Mariusz Wilczynski's animation “Kill him and leave this city” in the new section of the Meetings contest.

    The 70th Berlin International Film Festival runs until March 1.
    70th Berlin International Film Festival February 20, 2020 News

    The festival will open with the premiere of Philip Falardo's “Year of My Salt”, which will take place on Thursday evening at the Palast Berlinale. A French-Canadian director was already at the Berlinale in 2009 when he received the Grand Prix of the international jury of the Generation Kplus and Crystal Bear sections for the best film “C'est pas moi, je le jure!” ("It's not me, I swear!"). His account also includes, among other things, the Academy Award nomination for “Best Foreign Language Film” for “Mr. Lajar” (2012).

    His last film is an adaptation of the novel by Joanna Rakoff under the same name, which takes place in the realities of New York in the 90s. The main character is an assistant to a literary agent, a novice poet Joanna, whose task is to respond to emails from the admirers of the writer J. D. Salinger. On the screen we will see, among other things, Oscar is nominated for a leading role in the movie Michael Ept “Gorillas in the Fog” by Sigourney Weaver, Margaret Qually, who recently starred in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, by Quentin Tarantino, and Douglas Booth, known among others from the mud of Jeff Tremaine.

    The main competition included 18 films, which, as the festival organizers emphasize, “show the present without illusions”, “move and open their eyes”. Six of them were filmed by women, and 16 will have world premieres at the festival.

    For the Golden Bear figurine, they will fight, in particular, the black and white tale of cruelty of love “Salt of Tears” by Philip Garrell, the psychotic thriller “Intruder” by Natalia Meta, dedicated to Italian artist Antonio Ligabe and “The First Cow”, which unfolds in the nineteenth century. Among the nominees was also the grim modern odyssey “Berlin Alexanderplatz” by Burkhan Kurbani, which is based on the book by Alfred Doeblin, dedicated to the threats faced by residents of the despotic regime “There is no evil” by Mohammed Rasulof, as well as “Days” by Tsai Ming. -Lianga.

    “All Dead” by Caetano Gotardo and Marco Dutri, dedicated to the fate of women in Brazil at the end of the nineteenth century, combining elements of the drama and romance of “Undina” Christian Petzold and “Siberia” Abel Ferrara, will also take part in the main competition. , Willem Dafoe, Simon McBurney and Fabio Pagano. They will compete with “Delete History” by Benoit Delepin and Gustave Curvern, “My Little Sister” by Stephanie Chuat and Veronique Raymond, “Never Always Rarely” by Eliza Hittman and “The Woman Who Fled” by Hong Sang Soo.

    Damezano Innocenzo and Fabia Innocenzo, “Bad Tales” taking place in the suburbs of Rome, have a chance for the “Golden Bear”, solving the problem of violence “Doha Natasha” by Ilya Khrzhanovsky and Ekaterina Ertel and presenting 24 hours from the life of a disabled person from New York “Roads, not taken "Sally Potter with Elle Fanning, Salma Hayek, Javier Bardem and Laura Linney in the cast. Films nominated for the grand prize also included a documentary on exposure that was created by Richie Pan, the creator of Missing Photo, the first Academy Award nominated film in Cambodia for the best non-English film.

    The winners of the main competition will be announced during the solemn event, which will be held on Saturday, February 29, in Berlinale Palast. An international jury will select them under the leadership of British actor Jeremy Irons, an Oscar winner for the main role of Klaus von Bülow in Barbet Schroeder and Two Golden Globes (for his creation in Second Truth and the TV series Elizabeth I). In addition to Irons, the jury included: French actress Berenice Bejo, German producer Bettina Brockemper, Palestinian director and poet Annemarie Jacquer, American playwright, screenwriter and director Kenneth Lonergan, Italian actor Luca Marinelli, as well as Brazilian film critic and film director Kleberon.

    Two days earlier, on Thursday, February 27, British actress Helen Mirren will pick up the Honorary Golden Bear. The award ceremony will be combined with the 2006 Queen's screening of Stephen Frears with Mirren in the title role for which she received, among other things, an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

    A total of 342 films will be screened in all sections of the Berlinale - 58 less than in the previous issue, when Dieter Kosslik was still the director of the festival. After his resignation, Carlo Chatrian became the artistic director, and Marietta Risenbeck became the administrative director. The new festival management ensures that fewer films in the official selection "were not a software solution, and there may be more next year." They also emphasize that political issues do not predetermine product choices. “The most important thing is the artistic quality of the film. It depends on whether we show it or not. I believe that films can change our view of the world. Not because of the topic that they relate to, but primarily because of the form, ”Chatrian said in an interview. for the weekly Spiegel.

    However, the leadership of the Berlinale made some changes to the program. One of them is the introduction of a section of the Encounters contest, which aims to support new voices in the cinema and provide more space for various narrative and documentary forms during the official selection. 15 films will compete for prizes in a new section. Chances to win: Animation of Mariusz Wilczinski “Kill him and leave this city”, created almost 14 years ago. As we read on the website of the Krakow Film Fund, Wilczynski's film is “an autobiographical impression, a recollection of children's images in which the memory of the dead parents and the hometown of одód ож come to life”. Heroes voiced voices including Andrzej Wajda, Gustav Holoubek, Irena Kvyatkovskaya, Kristina Yana and Andrzej Chira.

    Competitors in Polish animation will include Tim Sutton's “Funny Face,” “The Last City” by Heinz Emigolitz, “Metamorphosis of Birds” by Katarina Vasconcelos, and “Birth Problem” by Sandra Wulner.

    An important Polish accent of the festival will be the Aglieszki Holland show Charlatan, whose main character is Czech healer Jan Mikolasek (performed by Ivan Troyan), treating people with herbs. This is another title of the Polish director shown at the Berlinale after the Fever, which took part in the Main Competition in 1981, the director together with Kasia Adamik and the Silver Lion, evaluated in 2017, with the Alfred Bauer Pokocie and Citizen Jones Award, who fought for statuettes last year This time, the Netherlands will present the film in the non-competitive section of the Berlinale special edition. According to the director, “Sarlatan” will be “a chamber, but grand drama, because its action takes place over 50 years.” Screenwriter - Marek Epstein. Martin Strba is responsible for the photographs.

    In a special section, we will also see, among other things, the “Numbers” of Oleg Sentsov, which he led during his stay in the concentration camp due to correspondence with the Ukrainian director Akhtem Seytablaev. The program will also feature stories: Pinocchio by Matteo Garrone and Minamata by Andrew Levitas with starring Johnny Depp, as well as the documentary film Hillary by Nanette Burstein, dedicated to former US First Lady Hillary Clinton.

    A special event will be the show “The Last Scene” by Wanda Yakubovskaya from 1947 in the section “Classical Berlinale”. The film was dedicated to the tragic fate of the prisoners of Auschwitz-Birkenau and filmed in the original scenery of the camp. Cast it includes Wanda Bartuvna, Antonina Gordon-Goretska, Anna Lutoslavskaya, Alina Yanovska and Barbara Drapinska.

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