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Radio Kids FM listen online for free

Radio Kids FM
Radio children and adolescents the best music, transmission, games and contests, listen and learn together with us...
  • Station name: Radio Kids FM
  • Category / Country: Kids radio
  • Broadcast Language: Russian
  • 5+
    Radio Kids FM
    Kids radio

    Listen Radio Kids FM

    Kids Radio FM - is a unique children's internet radio learning Kids FM broadcast from Moscow.

    What to offer to listen to children?
    Radio for children and adolescents between eight and seventeen. In the air, you can play games and participate in interactive contests and listen to great music.

    Children from children - KIDS FM
    Children work leading radio stations and create a great mood, and take cognitive information and develop faster listening to our broadcasts.

    Inculcated from childhood taste to your children and listen to the true test radio - FM Kids
    Update Date: 07.03.2020 Kids radio - Russia
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    1. Alla Apina15 April 2016 09:29
      Удивительно, но факт - Дети ведущие радио! Музыку поставила своей малышке и она действительно ей понравилась. Спасибо, теперь и мы будем слушать ваше радио!

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