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Radio with fairy tales. Ukrainian-speaking radio station in the 24/7 round-the-clock broadcasting. You will always hear a fairy tale in Ukrainian. The public TV and radio company launched an Internet radio with author's voiceovers of audio tales. To listen to interesting stories about fairy-tale heroes of different nations of the world. Find out why the kangaroos are jumping quickly, and the cat is washing its cat after a delicious snack. Ukrainian radio to children, short stories live broadcast....
  • Station name: Kazky UA
  • Category / Country: Kids radio
  • Broadcast Language: Ukrainian
  • 5+
    Kazky UA
    Kids radio

    Listen Kazky UA

    Kazky UA radio

    Radio fairy tales in Ukrainian Kazky UA

    A unique project to support cultural development. The idea was created with the support of famous culture figures and popular music performers, in cooperation with the NOTU (National Public Television and Radio Company of Ukraine). Convenient for enlightenment and learning of the Ukrainian language, children's broadcasting format. Listen to the player for free more than 300 quality recordings of fairy tales for free. Include and please your children with instructive stories.
    Even the smallest good deed will never be useless.

    List of performers reading tales on radio:

    • Khlyvnyuk Andrey - vocal of the pop group
    • Galanevich Marko is a member of the famous musical collective "Dakhabraha".
    • Sasha Koltsova - soloist "Little One".
    • Malukha Eugene is a well-known voice and film scriber, theatrical actor, the creator of the audio dubbing role of Homer Simpson and Alpha.
    • Zhadan Sergey is a writer and poet.
    • Nightingale Christina is a pop singer.

    List of examples of stories on the air:

    • The bee saves the goose life
    • Frog more timid hare
    • Hare the Braggart
    • Kitten and Mouse
    • Fox goat and a large bag of carrots
    • Fox and Cancer
    • Mouse Board
    • Sunny Flower
    • Why does the kangaroo jump high?
    • Why does the cat wash only after lunch?
    • How the chicken rescued the cockerel
    • Like a fox treated Vov

    To listen to fairy tales for all the kids will be useful, interesting to listen to, and learn the language of your country. BestradioFm supports the project using the translation service of this children's content.

    Contacts radio Kazky UA:
    Organization: NOTU and UA: Public Broadcasting.
    Country Ukraine.
    City: Kiev.

    Update Date: 13.08.2019 Radio UA Kazky Ukraine
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