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Add your radio to the BestRadio rating
Dear employees of media companies and owners of Internet radio stations. To develop your project, we suggest adding your radio to the rating of radio stations.

First of all, FM radio bands licensed for broadcast are received.

Adding your radio site will be free of charge according to the application queue (45-90 days).

Adding information about your project:
Send information containing the following fields:
  1. Name.
  2. The slogan.
  3. Country, city.
  4. Styles of music that sound on the air.
  5. Description of the radio station.
  6. Streaming broadcasts of your radio (mp3 / aac / ogg)
  7. Contacts (e-mail, website, address, telephone number of the contact person of the radio station)

How to add out of turn?
For fast processing out of turn (add up to 5 days):
  • Place a button on any of the pages of your website with a direct link to (without noindex, nofollow)
  • After placing the link, write a letter to the contact address and indicate the page on which you posted the button.
  • From the moment you send a letter with the address of the page with the button placed within 5 days, your radio will be added to the list of radio stations

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