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Goa Psy Trance
The Goa Psy Trance radio station broadcasts live tracks and entire sets of the best performers of these two directions of different release times - from the beginning of the nineties to today, they will sound on the wave of Goa-Psy Trance radio...
  • Station name: Goa Psy Trance radio
  • Category / Country: Electronic music
  • Broadcast Language: Only music
  • 16+
    Goa Psy Trance
    Electronic music

    Listen Goa Psy Trance

    Radio Goa Psy Trance

    Is one of the most popular Digitally Imported channels in Eastern Europe and the countries of the former Soviet Union. Of course, music lovers can also listen to Goa-Psy Trance online from other parts of our planet, but most of its listeners are located here.
    As you can guess from the name of the online radio Goa-Psy Trance, its main focus is rotation of trance-style tracks. The greatest emphasis here is on goa-trance and psychedelic trance.
    If you are familiar with these areas of electronic music, then you probably know that they were born, one might say, in the same cradle. Fans of these directions are united by the name "transers", their gatherings (parties, concerts, raves) are held according to one scheme; and even the subcultural attributes they have are the same, which is mainly represented by various "acidic" patterns on clothes, symbolic signs, etc.
    Goa psi trance listen
     The founders of the Goa-Psy Trance channel, who decided not to split almost one audience into two different camps, also think. Here you can hear tracks and entire sets of the best representatives of these two directions of different exit times - from the beginning of the nineties of the last century to the present day.

    List of musicians of the style

    On Goa-Psy Trance radio listen online most often you will be the results of the works of the most famous musicians in the world, including celebrities such as Sesto Sento , InterSys , Astral Projection, Indra, Gataka, Yahel and many others. Also, some tracks of the popular Israeli project Infected Mushroom and the British Shpongle often sound here, although they do not adhere to any particular style.
    Update Date: 26.03.2020 Radio Goa-Psy Trance music stations
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    1. KAT19 February 2016 14:34
      Мне нравится эта радиостанция для любителей качественной транс музыки
      1. 45th29 August 2020 21:07
        gt никакого отношения к любви неимеет
        pgt это музыка для 1го чела. и кому как созидательно или наоборот
    2. Guest15 October 2018 18:40
      1. -On air24 February 2020 00:35
        Никак..она хранит нас
    3. Guest27 October 2018 05:04
      Божественно! Не хватает только названий исполнителей и треков.
      1. Андрюха4 July 2020 14:12
    4. 45th1 January 2020 19:50
      Guest, сохранить никак можно только сберечь но недолго
    5. андроид452 March 2020 14:12
      хотел сказать отличный музон особенно что ставите древние трансовые мзоны.. люблю вас

      почаще вкл зирекс я учусь на вашем радиве
    7. Андроид30 March 2020 10:37
      Такая музыка это моя жизнь .. можт именно пси гоа не всегда к месту но для меня самое то.. спасибо радио. спасибо всем кто играет

      Неплохо былоб ставить (нелюблю это слово) лайки на музоны. есть некоторые кот. отличаются от прочих.
    8. Андрюха4 July 2020 14:11
      Не часто слушаю ваше и радио. Мне так нравится. Музыка дмолодости.. Сам музыкант. Не работаю в жанре хотелок. Некоторые из музыканьов которых ставите гении.
      1. 45th4 August 2020 16:45
        плюсик там

        Прям какбудто я писал.
    9. 45th29 August 2020 21:04
      на вопросы атмосфера 5 диджеи в осн 4 но есть и 20 из 10 невозможно в рамки зазунуться.. я видел раньше и зирекс и космосис.. ну как оценить..)
    10. 45th29 August 2020 21:30
      ненвсегда удается псослушать. иногда все портят з лодеи
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