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Q107 слушать онлайн 107.1 FM Торонто
Broadcasting radio station from Toronto, Ontario, with the call sign CILQFM providing mainstream rock and metal music in the south of Canada at a frequency of 107.1 FM and worldwide using internet broadcast....
  • Station name: Q107 CILQ-FM
  • Category / Country: Canada
  • Broadcast Language: English
  • 16+
    Q107 CILQ-FM

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    CILQ-FM Q107 Торонто Канада
    CILQ-FM is a Canadian radio station that broadcasts at 107.1 FM in Toronto, Ontario. The station broadcasts the classic hit format, has the registered name "Q107", and is also available via streaming audio and on the Bell TV 954 channel. The station is owned by Corus Entertainment. CILQ Studios are located in a building on Corus Embankment on Dockside Drive in the Harborfront area in Toronto, and the transmitter is on the CN Tower, and aids are on First Canadian Square.
    CILQ-FM Q107 Toronto Ontario Canada
    city: Toronto
    25 Dockside Drive Street
    Tel: +1-416-479-70-00

    Update Date: 05.06.2019 Radio CILQ-FM — CA
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