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Russian Radio Belarus listen online for free

Russian Radio Belarus
Russian radio station Radio broadcasts the best Russian Belarus hits, music, 70s and 80s, blend harmoniously with the music of the 90s and the new generation. Also often you can hear new items of domestic stars live online listening always positive and informative...
  • Station name: Russian Radio Belarus
  • Category / Country: Belarus
  • Broadcast Language: Russian
  • 16+
Russian Radio Belarus
Russian Radio Belarus
Listen Radio Belarus Russian online for free.
Russian Radio ( Belarus) - the country's most popular station, which broadcasts from its capital - the city of Minsk.
Listen to"Russian Radio"in Belarus Minsk residents can can on their radios. Broadcast frequency - 98.9 MHz in the FM-band. Since 2001, the popular Russian station confidently holds the leading position in the city and is the most attractive to advertisers.
Wave Format - information-musical entertainment. Broadcasting conducted around the clock.

Russian radio feature is its playlists. The station became the first in the country, which admits only broadcast songs in Russian. Such trend has continued to the present day. Russian 98,9 FM frequency you will hear the best Russian hits of the 70s and 80s, which blend harmoniously with the music of the 90s and the new generation. Here also often sound novelties local stars.

Besides the music filling an important role in broadcasting station has its information. So, every day from 7 am to evening out regular issues here the main news of the country and the world: 17 issues on weekdays, 15 - 11 on Saturday and fresh news blocks on Sunday.
Such a position to do with the format of the waves makes it the most attractive to people of different ages.

Also, a sufficiently large proportion Airtime here withdrawn under a variety of entertainment, contests, interactive games, chat with students, etc. The main Russian radio transmissions with the highest ratings are "Russian peppers", "orders","Golden Gramophone", a series of programs"Inform- Bureau","E Show"and others.

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