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Radio Mir
Radio station "Mir" broadcasts the best hits of the 80-90s, as well as songs of the last decade and the latest hits from world famous artists.
You can listen to Mir radio in Minsk at a frequency of 107.1 MHz radio receivers, tuning them to the FM band. The station also has its frequencies in the following Belarusian cities: Brest (106.6 FM), Pinsk (103.2 FM), Vitebsk (101.8 FM), Mogilev (107.8 FM), Salihorsk (104.3 FM), Grodno (104.2 FM), Bobruisk (103.6 FM) ), Baranovichi (98.4 FM)....
  • Station name: Radio Mir
  • Category / Country: Belarus
  • Broadcast Language: Russian
  • 16+
    Radio Mir

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    Mir radio Belarus
    World (Belarus)
    Radio Mir (Belarus) is a music and information wave broadcasting in the Republic since 1997. The station’s birthday is May 26th.
    The musical content of the station is adult music. On the air of the wave you can hear the best hits of the 80-90s, as well as songs of the last decade and the latest hits from world famous artists. They build their musical broadcast here under the motto: "Only high-quality music."
    A huge share of the broadcast of Mir-Belarus radio is occupied by its information part. Since the founder of the station is the eponymous international television and radio company, it has access to exclusive information from all its correspondents and journalists, which makes Radio Mir one of the main resources for delivering relevant and timely information.

    Popular programs: “Utogoliki”, “Day of Belarus”, “Green Wave”, the hit parade “Peace”, “Kirova 17”, “Our brand”, “Without a prescription”, “Gallop across Europe”, “Men's Truth”, "World Cruise", "Madame."
    Leading stations: Irina Klenova, Katya Ivleeva, Katerina Pytleva, Konstantin Yumanov and others.

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    Listening to the radio online with us is always easy, pleasant, and also completely free and without registration. Stay on our “wave” of positive!

    Radio World
    Contacts: 220029, Republic of Belarus,
    Minsk city, Kommunisticheskaya street, 6

    Studio Phones:
    +375 (17) 290-64-45
    +375 (17) 284-88-11

    Representation of MTRK MIR in the Republic of Belarus
    Tel., Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp: +37529 638 48 72
    Skype: alinapr3
    Update Date: 29.02.2020 Radio Mir - BELARUS
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