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Racyja radio
The radio wave cognitive information tells you about the Belarusian culture, traditions, art and politics. Radio Ratsya always operational, relevant and that the most important is independent fm wave....
  • Station name: RACYJA Radio
  • Category / Country: Belarus
  • Broadcast Language: Belorussian
  • 16+
Racyja radio
Racyja radio
Radio Racyja - popular station, which broadcasts in Belarusian. It sends its call letters with the Republic of Poland.
Listen to the radio The radio can also be a native of Belarus and Lithuania. With this radio wave can catch on 99,2 FM frequencies and 98,1 FM.
The founders of the Belarusian Union Station are in Poland and the Association of Journalists in Belarus. But despite the national focus of the wave, its representatives, in particular journalists in the history of not accredit any time on state measures. Another unfortunate event in the life of the station is under constant pressure from the Belarusian KGB, which in 2008 ended up arresting wave office in Minsk.

Racyja radio Minsk Belarus

FM transceiver promotes Belarusian culture.
In its largest value broadcasting FM Radio Station betrays narrative about the Belarusian culture, traditions, art, politics, and other such information. Type broadcast this station can be described as information-cognitive.
 At frequencies radios you can always hear the most current news life of Belarusians, including virtually all aspects of life. It is often carried out with the direct inclusion of the most important places of events for national awareness of Belarusian as well as those who honor their achievements against the backdrop of contemporary art, cinema, political attempts, etc.

 Information which sounds in the air this fm station always operational, relevant and that the most important, is independent. It is through the last point the main principles of information reports to the Belarusian Radio listeners Ratsya constantly comes under pressure from the KGB in connection with definitely known to all Belarusian politics.

Radio Racyja online LIVE

 The radio Listen to radio online you can anywhere in the world since 2006 - at this time the station has expanded its capacity. As a resource we offer our online radio portal BestRadio.fm, which are available at the most popular and diverse world fm station for free and without registration.
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